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Denmark Customs Flags

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[Customs Flag of Denmark] 56:107 by Željko Heimer

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The state flag with the customs emblem in the canton. The emblem consists of a trident and caduceus in saltire surrounded by a laurel wreath topped with a Royal crown, all white. As this is a civil service (i.e. non-naval) the national bright red is used. This flag is rather new one (introduced 1987).
Željko Heimer, 26 May 2004

The new customs flag is the "Dannebrog" with swallow-tail as before but with a new emblem in white in the upper hoist red field (instead of the words). The emblem consists of crossed trident and caduceus surrounded by a wreath of laurel, all under a Royal crown.
Bekendtgørelse om godkendelse af et nyt toldflag
, Justitsministeriet, 11 May 1987
Jan Oskar Engene

Earlier versions

[Customs Flag of Denmark] 56:107 by Paige Herring

The customs flag with the words 'KONGELIGT TOLDFLAG' was introduced by the Customs Ordinance of 1 February 1797. It was replaced by a new customs flag by decision of the Queen dated 17. April 1987.

[Customs Flag of Denmark]by Željko Heimer

Triangular pennant, ratio 1:3~, red with a white cross, the horizontal crossbar converging towards the fly containing black inscription "KGL: TOLDKRYDSER". (The first word is abbreviation for 'Kongelict'=Royal, 'Told' is Customs, but that's obvious, the last word 'krydser' is unknown to me /if the customs flag is inscribed
"customs flag" could this one be inscribed "customs pennant").  Based on Flaggenbuch (1929).

According to Jan Oskar Engene, the original customs flag with inscription was granted in 1797, to be replaced with the current flag in 1987. However, it seems that the 1797 one might not have been the one with the inscription in the horizontal crossbar (see also flag below). Certainly, this is riddle worth solving and maybe it should not be that difficult.
Željko Heimer, 3 June 2004

The nearest translation of "krydser" is either "cross" or "crosser".
Brian Steele, 19 September 2006

In this context "krydser" is some kind of (small) battle ship. So it should be a "cruiser" (resp. a "customs cruiser", German "Kreuzer" / "Zollkreuzer").
Dirk Schönberger, 19 September 2006

"Toldkrydser" is a term for the (small) boat used by customs officials when doing inspections at sea.
Jan Oskar Engene, 20 September 2006

[Customs Flag of Denmark]by Željko Heimer

The state ensign with a white panel in the middle containing an emblem. The emblems consist of a yellow ring with green leaf wreath covering it and in the middle of it inscribed "KONGELICT TOLD FLAG", the first word arched along the top, second horizontal though the center and the third arched along the bottom. Based on Flaggenbuch (1929).

The wreath looks suspiciously like the wreath used on the British governor's flags with badges in the center of the union jack, and I wonder if the book editor did not simply take the artwork and used it here for the lack of better image. If so, this may even be an entirely erroneous depiction, for the "in-line" customs flag reported elsewhere. Then again, there is no such matching artwork in the Flaggenbuch 1929, so maybe I am being entirely paranoid.
Željko Heimer, 3 June 2004

[Customs Flag of Denmark]by Željko Heimer

Note the correct spelling (and as shown higher on this page from Flaggenbuch (1939) is Kongeligt.  However, Flaggenbuch (1929) clearly spells it with a "C".
Željko Heimer, 6 June 2004