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armenian secret army for the liberation of armenia
armenian secret army for the liberation of armenia (terrorist group) |
armenian socialist party
armenian revolutionary federation - armenian socialist party (political party, armenia) |
armenian ssr
armenia in the soviet union |
union of armenians in russia |
armero (tolima, colombia) |
armillary sphere (blue)
delfim guimarães’ and roque gameiro’s proposals for the new portuguese national fla |
armillary sphere
a. rigaud nogueira’s proposal for the new portuguese national flag (1910-1911) | a.p.s.’ proposal for the new portuguese national flag (1910-1911) | alcochete municipality (portugal) | cisplatine province (brazil occupied uruguay, 1821-1828) | colonial flags of brazil | culture, education and media company flags in portugal | delfim guimarães’ and roque gameiro’s proposals for the new portuguese national fla | duarte alves leal’s proposal for the new portuguese national flag (1910-1911) | empire of brazil, 1822-1889 | flag of the brazilian ships, 16th century (portugal) | flags of portuguese colonies | guerra junqueiro’s proposal for the new portuguese national flag (1910-1911) | historic flags of rio de janeiro (brazil) | incorrect depictions of the portuguese national flag | kingdom of brazil, september-december 1822 | olivença irredentists (portugal) | portugal (1640-1656) | portugal | portuguese coat of arms | portuguese sport flags | rank flags of portuguese colonial officials | rio de janeiro (city), rio de janeiro state (brazil) | santos, são paulo state (brazil) |
arminia bielefeld
arminia bielefeld (football club, germany) |
armitage 3
armitage (television series) |
armitage iii
armitage (television series) |
autonomous region of muslim mindanao, philippines |
armo (liguria, italy) |
armor training center
army - armor training center (u.s.) |
são paulo, são paulo state (brazil) |
armored cavalry
army - 11th armored cavalry regiment (u.s.) |
armored division
army - 1st armored division (u.s.) |
armorial general
armorial général (france) |
armour battalion
macedonia: land forces |
armour: greave
linter (municipality, province of flemish brabant, belgium) |
armoured arm
eastern finland province (finland) | karelia (finland) | northern karelia region (finland) | southern finland province (finland) |
armoured corps
armour branch of service flag (armed forces, israel) |
arms storage unit
arms storage unit (japan) |
arms: cross (red)
goulburn mulwaree council (nsw, australia) |
arms: goulburn
goulburn mulwaree council (nsw, australia) |
arms: new south wales
new south wales police force (australia) |
brunei | forraskut (csongrad, hungary) | kingdom of bulgaria, 1908-1944: coat of arms | mexico | presidential flags (nigeria) | svalbard flag proposal (norway) |
armsheim municipality (germany) |
armstrong, british columbia (canada) |
army air defence forces
pakistan army air defence forces |
army and navy inspector
soviet navy: high ranks (ca. 1924-1935) |
army aviation
venezuela - aircraft marking |
army cadet force
united kingdom: army cadet force |
army cadets
army flags (australia) |
army center guard
ensigns from the ching dynasty (china): 6 |
army clergy
belgium: armed forces bishop |
army college
france: army colleges |
army colours
france: second republic (1848-1852) |
army corps
greece: army unit flags - part 2 | pakistan army corps |
army council
board of ordnance: army council (britain) |
army ensign
canada, army flags |
army field marshal
kingdom of greece: army rank flags |
army flag: japan
second division army command (japan) |
army flag
army flags (australia) | army flags of the soviet union | belgium: army flag | bosnia and herzegovina: military flags | egypt: armed forces flags | egypt: naval rank ensigns and army flags | kingdom of egypt (1922-1952) | mexico - general index | military flags (north korea) | military flags of the dominican republic | republic of egypt (1972-1984) | slovenia: army flags |
army flags: japan
reserve batalions, 1874-1945 (japan) |
army front guard
ensigns from the ching dynasty (china): 6 |
army general archives
portuguese army support units |
army general staff
france: commanding officer's pennants, 1933 | greece: army unit flags - part 1 |
army group
command and rank flags of the army 1933-1945 (germany) |
army left guard
ensigns from the ching dynasty (china): 6 |
army medical corps
zimbabwe: rhodesian army medical corps |
army naval forces
soviet navy: high ranks (ca. 1924-1935) |
army navy & air force veterans in canada
army, navy & air force veterans in canada (anavet) |
army of northern virginia
army of northern virginia (u.s.) |
army of south lebanon
army of south lebanon (1980-2000) (lebanon) | historical flags (lebanon) |
army of the green flag
yang tseu fleet (china) |
army post
france: army corps and service pennants, 1933 | france: army corps and service pennants, before 1933 |
army rank flag (japan)
ground self defense forces rank flags |
army rear guard
ensigns from the ching dynasty (china): 6 |
army regimental flags (canada)
queen's colours (canada) |
army reserve
army - chief of army reserve (u.s.) |
army right guard
ensigns from the ching dynasty (china): 6 |
army sailing club
army sailing club (australia) |
army service corps
board of ordnance: army service corps (britain) |
army service pennant
france: army corps and service pennants, 1933 | france: army corps and service pennants, before 1933 |
army station
greece: boat flags |
army strategic forces
pakistan army strategic forces |
army support movement
millitary political movements in russia |
army: logistics
logistics command (japan) |
army: rank flag
army rank flags (taiwan) |
1st brazilian infantry division (world war ii) | agulhas negras military academy (brazil) | albanian armed forces | army - 309th civil affairs brigade (u.s.) | army - band (u.s.) | army - military chapel and chaplain flags (u.s.) | army - sergeant major of the army (u.s.) | army - u.s. army reserve command (u.s.) | army (land arm) flags (israel) | army (u.s.) | army ensign 1945-1977 (spain) | army flags of the soviet union | army marine corps (south korea) | army organizational colors chart (u.s.) | army organizational, rank, and positional flags list (u.s.) | army rank flags 1929-1930 (spain) | army rank flags 1930-1931 and 1936-ca.1945 (spain) | bosnia and herzegovina - croat military flags | brazilian army command flags (as of 1944) | brazilian army command flags (modern usage) | brazilian army: historic standards | brazilian army | brazilian imperial army (1822-1889) | chilean army | colombia - army | command and rank flags (the netherlands) | command and rank flags <1956 (the netherlands) | croatia: army flags | croatia: homeland war (1991-1995) | ecuador - military flags | el salvador - military flags | flags for components of the indian army | france: army colours | georgia: military flags | hallands regemente i16 (sweden) | indian army flags | indian army flags | indian army regimental colours | indian army: colours and standards | indonesian aircraft markings | indonesian army | kenya army | kingdom of serbia (1882-1918): army flags | lance pennons of the polish army (1920-39) | latvia - military and naval rank flags | luxembourg: military and police colours | malaŵi army flags | mexico - army | military colours (the netherlands) | military flags (sweden) | military flags (thailand) | montenegro: army flags | nicaragua - army | norway - commander in chief, army, 1901-1905 | norway - officer rank flags | peru - governmental and military flags | peruvian army | polish military flags | portuguese army | royal guard flags (thailand) | royal netherlands army (the netherlands) | royal thai army (thailand) | russian army flags | south african army flags | swiss army flags | turkey: armed forces flags | united kingdom: army camp flags | united kingdom: army flag stations | united kingdom: army | united kingdom: regimental colours | united kingdom: regimental flags | united states military academy (u.s.) | uruguayan army flags |
armyans'k (crimea, ukraine) |
arnage (municipality, sarthe, france) |
compagnie de navigation mixte (shipping company, france) |
arnex-sur-nyon commune (vaud canton, switzerland) |
arnex-sur-orbe commune (vaud canton, switzerland) |
arnhem (the netherlands) |
arni commune (aargau canton, switzerland) | arni commune (bern canton, switzerland) |
incisa val d'arno (tuscany, italy) | montopoli in val d'arno (tuscany, italy) | rignano sull'arno (tuscany, italy) | santa croce sull'arno (tuscany, italy) |
arnolds park
arnolds park , iowa (u.s.) |
arnolec (czech republic) |
city of arnsberg (germany) |
arnutovce (slovakia) |
ar'ara banegev (israel) |
municipality of aroche (huelva province, andalusia, spain) |
arogno commune (ticino canton, switzerland) |
cochabamba department, bolivia |
chopes |
vlakh people (greece) |
italia - former colonies and territories |
arona (piedmont, italy) | municipality of arona (tenerife island, santa cruz de tenerife province, canary islands, spain) |
aroostook band of micmac
aroostook band of micmac - maine (u.s.) |
aroostook county
aroostook county, maine (u.s.) | easton, maine (u.s.) | fort kent, maine (u.s.) | grand isle, maine (u.s.) | limestone, maine (u.s.) | mars hill, maine (u.s.) | presque isle, maine (u.s.) |
arosa line
arosa line, switzerland |
arosa commune (graubünden/grischun canton, switzerland) |
arosio (lombardy, italy) | arosio commune (ticino canton, switzerland) |
arostook county
madawaska, maine (u.s.) |
arouca municipality (portugal) |
house flags of german shipping companies (a) -part 2 |
dutch houseflags of shipping companies [a] |
hungary - historical flags - kingdom of hungary (pre-1848) |
arpaise (campania, italy) |
arpas (gyor-moson-sopron, hungary) |
arpitania movement
arpitania movement (italy) |
arquata scrivia
arquata scrivia (piedmont, italy) |
essonne (department, france): sport flags |
arques (municipality, pas-de-calais, france) |
town of arquillos (andalusia, spain) |
arrabe (israel) |
morbihan (department, france): yacht clubs |
arraial do cabo
arraial do cabo, rio de janeiro state (brazil) |
arraiolos municipality (portugal) |
arrano beltza
basque nationalist movements (spain) |
municipality of arrecife (lanzarote island, las palmas de gran canaria province, canary islands, spa |
arrecifes district (buenos aires province, argentina) |
municipality of arriate (andalusia, spain) |
arriere gard
russian navy: fleet sections (i) |
arrissoules commune (vaud canton, switzerland) |
american radio relay league |
arroio do meio
arroio do meio, rio grande do sul (brazil) |
arroio do padre
arroio do padre, rio grande do sul (brazil) |
arroio do sal
arroio do sal, rio grande do sul (brazil) |
arroio dos ratos
arroio dos ratos, rio grande do sul (brazil) |
arroio grande
arroio grande, rio grande do sul (brazil) |
arroio trinta
arroio trinta, santa catarina (brazil) |
arronches municipality (portugal) |
díli district (east timor) |
arrow (black)
delquignies & fils (shipping company, france) | people’s party (portugal) | são felipe, bahia (brazil) |
arrow (blue)
centre (region, france) | christian democratic party, uruguay | haute-saône (department, france) | hmong (laos) | new zealand - house flags of shipping companies | united citizen’s front (russia) |
arrow (golden)
municipality of arafo (tenerife island, santa cruz de tenerife province, canary islands, spain) |
arrow (green)
fereniki lines s.a. - thomas a. demseris (shipping company, greece) | haute-saône (department, france) |
arrow (orange)
saul of the mole men (tv) |
arrow (red)
kirov region (russia) | solid - the socialist youth (germany) | studnice (czech republic) |
arrow (white and green)
lalemant (shipping company, belgium) |
arrow (white)
comecon (1949-1991) | konjščina (municipality, krapina-zagorje county, croatia) | la flèche (municipality, sarthe, france) | social-democrat party (portugal) |
arrow (yellow)
hmong (laos) | people’s party (portugal) | velika plana (municipality, serbia) | voždovac (municipality, serbia) |
arrow cross
flags of lojban (language) | neonazi flags in the united states | nyilaskeresztes párt (hungary, 1940-1945) |
arrow heads (red)
uezwil commune (aargau canton, switzerland) |
arrow rock
arrow rock, missouri (u.s.) |
arrow: double point (white)
hmong (laos) |
arrow: down
almeirim municipality (portugal) | rtishchevo county (saratov region, russia) | sverdlovsk region (russia) | yeniseysk city (krasnoyarsk terr., russia) |
arrow: dwon (golden)
ponta delgada municipality (portugal) |
arrow: lower hoist
almeirim municipality (portugal) |
arrow: outwards (green)
house flags of moroccan shipping companies |
arrow: to dexter
kirov region (russia) |
arrow: to hoist
kirov region (russia) |
arrow: up
christian-democracy | christian democratic party (chile) | christian democratic party, uruguay | gusev city (kaliningrad region, russia) | independent democrat union (chile) |
arrow: upper fly
social-democrat party (portugal) | zavodoukovsk city (tyumen reg., russia) |
arrow: upper hoist
conciliation humourous proposal for the new portuguese national flag (1910-1911) | zavodoukovsk city (tyumen reg., russia) |
Čechy pod kosířem (czech republic) | akita city (akita prefecture, japan) | bílovec (czech republic) | baryshivka (kyiv, ukraine) | bila tserkva (kyiv, ukraine) | bila tserkva district (kyiv, ukraine) | bolivian political flags | byshiv (kyiv, ukraine) | canaboncito (caguas , puerto rico) | christian democratic party, uruguay | city of nideggen (germany) | city of straelen (germany) | compañia la flecha (shipping company, spain) | county of byelaya kalitva (rostov region, russia) | cubatão, são paulo state (brazil) | gameti, northwest territories (canada) | gogoliv (kyiv, ukraine) | guyana | gyomaendrod (bekes, hungary) | gyorszemere (gyor-moson-sopron, hungary) | historic flags of rio de janeiro (brazil) | hlyns'k (sumy, ukraine) | hlyshky (kyiv, ukraine) | honduras - coat of arms | itaporã , mato grosso do sul (brazil) | janata dal (united) party, india | khmel'nyts'kiy (khmel'nyts'kiy, ukraine) | kiskoros (bacs-kiskun, hungary) | marcali (somogy, hungary) | municipality of strüth (germany) | nidfurn commune (glarus canton, switzerland) | ogemaw county, michigan (u.s.) | political parties and associations (malaysia) | popular front for the liberation of palestine (palestine) | postřelmov (czech republic) | rio de janeiro (city), rio de janeiro state (brazil) | royal military college [canada] (canada) | rozaliivka (kyiv, ukraine) | san antonio (caguas , puerto rico) | savonia (finland) | smila (cherkasy, ukraine) | střelice (czech republic) | sultanate of lahej (federation of south arabia, yemen) | svojšice, czech republic | sydory (kyiv, ukraine) | trinidad and tobago - houseflags of shipping companies | tryskiai (telsiai, lithuania) | vasyliv (kyiv, ukraine) | wakayama (japan) |

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