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real compañía de filipinas
ensign and pennant of the royal philipphines company 1793-1898 (spain) | royal philipphines company 1793-1898 (spain) |
real estate owners
swedish real estate owners' association |
real federación española de fútbol
royal spanish football federation (spain) |
real hacienda
customs flags 1791-1867 (spain) |
real madrid
real madrid c.f. (spain) |
real regimiento de artillería
regimental colour of a battalion of the royal regiment of artillery 1737 (spain) |
real regimiento de zapadores minadores
regimental colour of the royal regiment of sappers miners 1802 (spain) |
real sociedad
royal football society (spain) |
real sporting club
real club marítimo del abra-real sporting club (spain) |
real sporting de gijón s.a.d.
real sporting de gijón s.a.d. (football club, spain) |
reales guardias valones
colours of the royal guard 1704-1841 (spain) |
realeza, paraná (brazil) |
realm of gevork
learning the world (novel) |
realp commune (uri canton, switzerland) |
reao pukaruha (district, tuamotu and gambier islands, french polynesia) |
rear-admiral subordinate
mexico - navy: admiral subordinates |
brazilian marine corps | brazilian marine corps | imperial brazilian navy | mexico - navy: admirals in command | mexico - navy: rear-admirals | paraguayan navy admiral rank flags |
rear admiral not in command
rear admiral not in command's flag (spain) |
rear admiral
argentine navy: naval rank flags (admirals) | belgium: naval flags, 1917 | coast guard - rear admiral (lower half) (u.s.) | coast guard - rear admiral (upper half) (u.s.) | croatia: naval rank flags | egypt: naval rank ensigns and army flags | egypt: rank ensigns | flag officers of the brazilian navy | flags of the navy 1933-1945 (germany) | france: naval rank flags | greece: former naval rank flags | greece: naval rank flags | historical naval rank flags (thailand) | historical naval rank flags 1956-1979 (thailand) | independent state of croatia (1941-1945): naval rank flags | iranian empire (pahlavi dynasty): naval rank flags | kingdom of egypt (1922-1952): rank flags | naval rank ensigns (saudi arabia) | naval rank flags 1960-1990 (east germany) | navy - rear admiral (lower half) (u.s.) | navy - rear admiral (upper half) (u.s.) | norway - rear admiral rank flag | ottoman empire: flags depicted in a dutch chart - 19th century | peruvian navy rank flags | rank flags of the dominican navy | rank flags of the portuguese navy | rear admiral's distinguishing pennant for motor boats (germany) | rear admiral's flag (germany) | rear admiral's flag (israel) | rear admiral's flag (spain) | rear admiral's flag 1914-1923 or 1931 (spain) | rear admiral's flag 1931-1939 (spain) | rear admiral (thailand) | rear admiral not in command's flag 1914-1923 or 1931 (spain) | rear admiral not in command's flag 1931-1939 (spain) | royal yugoslavia (1918-1941): command flags | russian navy: 19th cent. flags | serbia and montenegro: naval rank flags | socialist yugoslavia: naval rank flags (1956-1991) | turkey: naval rank flags | uruguayan naval ranks ensigns in 1939 | uruguayan naval ranks ensigns |
rear commodore
yacht officers' flags (u.s.) |
rear guard
russian navy: fleet sections (i) |
rebecq (municipality, province of walloon brabant, belgium) |
rebecq (municipality, province of walloon brabant, belgium) |
rebel forces
historical flags 1936-1938 (spain) |
pugaĉov rebellion flag (russia, 1773) | rebellion of 1837-39 in canada (lower canada) | rebellion of 1837-39 in canada (upper canada) (canada) |
rebešovice (czech republic) |
rebeuvelier commune (jura canton, switzerland) |
rebévelier commune (bern canton, switzerland) |
rebstein commune (st. gallen canton, switzerland) |
zonnebeke (municipality, province of west flanders, belgium) |
recale (campania, italy) |
recanati (marche, italy) |
rech municipality (germany) |
recherswil commune (solothurn canton, switzerland) |
rechitsa county
rechitsa county (gomel, belarus) |
municipality of rechlin (germany) |
rechthalten commune (fribourg/freiburg canton, switzerland) |
recica ob savinji
mozirje (municipality, slovenia) | rečica ob savinji (municipality, slovenia) |
Řečice (czech republic) |
brazilian football clubs: pernambuco | recife, pernambuco (brazil) |
municipality of recke (germany) |
municipality of reckenroth (germany) |
reckingen commune (valais/wallis canton, switzerland) |
recklinghausen county
recklinghausen cities and municipalities (germany) | recklinghausen county (germany) |
city of recklinghausen (germany) |
house flags of german shipping companies (r) - part 1 |
réclère commune (jura canton, switzerland) |
orders of the temple |
historical flags of chile |
reconvilier commune (bern canton, switzerland) |
recreio, minas gerais (brazil) |
portuguese army support units |
rectangle (black)
ötv (trade union, germany) | laqye (israel) |
rectangle (blue)
biq'at bet she'an (israel) | broome sailing club (australia) | cia. maritima del norte (shipping company, spain) | hijos de astigarraga (shipping company, spain) | huelva province (andalusia, spain) | proposals for a regional flag 1926 (aragon, spain) |
rectangle (counterchanged)
municipality of algarinejo (granada province, andalusia, spain) |
rectangle (purple)
westphalia-lippe (north rhine-westphalia, germany) |
rectangle (red)
compania de remolcadores ibaizabal (shipping company, spain) | grupo boluda (shipping company, spain) | nara (japan) | naviceuta s.l. (shipping company, spain) | naviera quimica s.a. (shipping company, spain) | ras al-khaimah (united arab emirates) | royal guard flags (thailand) | second military hospital unit flag: 1872-1875 (japan) | sharjah (united arab emirates) |
rectangle (white)
agronômica, santa catarina (brazil) | araguari, minas gerais (brazil) | aramina, são paulo state (brazil) | compañía cantabrica de navigacion (shipping company, spain) | descalvado, são paulo state (brazil) | málaga province (andalusia, spain) | mordialloc sailing club (australia) | pinhalzinho, santa catarina (brazil) |
rectangle (yellow)
empresa naviera sevilla s.a. (shipping company, spain) | president's flag 1919-1921 (germany) |
rectangle: fimbriation (white)
president's flag 1919-1921 (germany) |
rectangles (yellow)
franche-comté (traditional province, france) | zwevegem (municipality, province of west flanders, belgium) |
rectangles: (3
rivière-du-loup (quebec) (canada) |
rectangles: 10 (white)
evran (municipality, côtes-d'armor, france) |
rectangles: 3 (white)
city of sentmenat (barcelona province, catalonia, spain) | new belgrade (municipality, serbia) |
rectangles: 7 (yellow)
village of ix-xaghra (gozo, malta) |
rectangular flag
flag wear |
recz district (poland) |
ręczno commune (poland) |
red army
army flags of the soviet union | krasnoarmeysk city (moscow region, russia) | krasnoarmeyskiy county (chuvashia, russia) | krasnoarmyeyskiy county (chel. region, russia) | sport flags of the soviet union |
red bank
red bank, tennessee (u.s.) |
red boiling springs
red boiling springs, tennessee (u.s.) |
red clover
bory (czech republic) |
red crescent society
afghan red crescent society (afghanistan) |
red crescent
international federation of red cross and red crescent societies | red crystal flag |
red cross-road
political flags of russia |
red cross
cambodian red cross flag | finnish water rescue society | flags of protection | french red cross (association, france) | historical flags 1931-1939 (spain) | international committee of the red cross | international federation of red cross and red crescent societies | lacombe, alberta (canada) | movement of independent nasserists – al-mourabitoun (lebanon) | nepal medical college | panama - red cross flag | philippine national red cross | red cross and red crescent flags | red crystal flag | russian sea rescue flags | soviet sea rescue flags |
red dawn
red dawn (movie) |
red deer college
red deer college (canada) |
red deer county
red deer county, alberta (canada) | red deer county, alberta (canada) |
red deer
red deer college (canada) | red deer, alberta (canada) |
red earth cree nation
red earth cree nation (canada) |
red ensign: canada
canada - history of the flag (1867-1870) | canada - history of the flag (1870-1873) | canada - history of the flag (1873-1892) | canada - history of the flag (1892-1907) | canada - history of the flag (1907-1921) | canada - history of the flag (1921-1957) (canada) | canada - history of the flag (1957-1965) | canada - history of the flags (1965-) | canada (1865-1867) | canadian red ensign in imperial war museum (canada) | current uses of the red ensign (canada) | the 9 province flag (canada) |
red ensign
bermuda | british nigeria | british rule in india | british virgin islands - civil (red) ensign | british virgin islands | brixham yacht club (united kingdom) | budge flag: united kingdom | calcutta port commissioners (british india) | civil ensign (malaysia) | civil ensign 1882-1948 (british north borneo, malaysia) | civil ensign 1927-1948 (british mandate of palestine) | colonial hong kong | company of watermen and lightermen, united kingdom | cyprus: british rule (1878-1960) | flag proposals 1933 (british mandate of palestine) | governor's ensign and naval jack 1882-1948 (british north borneo, malaysia) | historic flags of newfoundland (canada) | janjira | lloyd's yacht club (united kingdom) | new zealand - maori flags | new zealand ensigns | northwest territories - proposals from 1969 (canada) | queensland red ensign | red and blue ensigns (canada) | royal dart yacht club (united kingdom) | royal fowey yacht club (united kingdom) | royal lymington yacht club (united kingdom) | royal norfolk and suffolk yacht club (united kingdom) | royal windermere yacht club (united kingdom) | royal yachting association (united kingdom) | sachin | scottish red ensign | society of descendants of pitcairn settlers (norfolk island) | south africa (1910-1928) | south australia (australia) | united kingdom: 19th century red ensign legislation (part 1) | united kingdom: 19th century red ensign legislation (part 2) | united kingdom: colonial flags | united kingdom: eastern sea fisheries ensign | united kingdom: ensigns | united kingdom: history of the british ensigns | united kingdom: master of the merchant navy and fishing fleet (proposed flag) | united kingdom: red ensign | victoria (australia) | welsh red ensign (united kingdom) | west mersea yacht club (united kingdom) |
red feathers
kijicho manito, algonquin nation (canada) |
red fish
nelson, british columbia (canada) | port coquitlam, british columbia (canada) |
red flag with star
youth organizations (vietnam) |
red flag
alsace (traditional province, france) | colorado party, uruguay | flags of political reform in 19th century britain | flags of political reform in 19th century wales | france: la commune de paris | france: second republic (1848-1852) | french revolution (1789-1799) | soviet union | the goodies (television series) |
red guard
communist party of germany/marxists-leninists 1970-c.1990 (germany) |
red gum
city of willoughby (nsw, australia) |
red hand
ireland: provincial flags | northern ireland (united kingdom) | northern ireland football supporters flag | northern ireland: the flags regulations (northern ireland) 2000 |
red hook
red hook, new york (u.s.) |
red lake ojibwe
red lake ojibwe - minnesota (u.s.) |
red lake
leech lake ojibwe (u.s.) |
red lion
kenya (british colony) |
red oak
red oak, iowa (u.s.) |
red party
colorado party, uruguay | red party (paraguay) |
red pennant
tour de france (cycling) |
red ribbon army
dragon ball (television series) |
red river cart
metis nation of alberta (canada) | metis nation of british columbia (canada) |
red river county
red river county, texas (u.s.) |
red rock
red rock, nevada (u.s.) |
red sea
red sea (governorate, egypt) |
red shield of david
red shield of david (israel) |
red star belgrade
belgrade (serbia): sport flags |
red star line
red star line (shipping company, belgium) |
red star
military flags (north korea) | military flags and ensigns of romania, 1952-1965 | military flags and ensigns of romania, 1965-1989 | people's republic of romania, 1952-1965 | red star (football club, france) | socialist republic of romania, 1965-1989 |
red swastika society
red swastika society (china) |
red tape
civil service sailing association (united kingdom) |
red willow county
mccook, nebraska (u.s.) | red willow county, nebraska (u.s.) |
red wing
red wing, minnesota (u.s.) |
canas, são paulo state (brazil) | concórdia, santa catarina (brazil) | jaú, são paulo state (brazil) | mariana, minas gerais (brazil) | martinho campos, minas gerais (brazil) | monteiro lobato, são paulo state (brazil) | nova santa rosa, paraná (brazil) | pernambucan revolution, 1817 (brazil) | pindamonhangaba, são paulo state (brazil) | praia grande, são paulo state (brazil) | queluz, são paulo state (brazil) |
air force - general of the air force (u.s.) | army - 182nd infantry, 1st battalion (u.s.) | army - 333rd field artillery, 4th battalion (u.s.) | army - brigadier general (u.s.) | army - general (u.s.) | army - general of the army (u.s.) | army - lieutenant general (u.s.) | army - major general (u.s.) | army - secretary of the army (u.s.) | colors of flags | former boy scouts' flag of prachin region (thailand) | marine corps - brigadier general (u.s.) | marine corps - general (u.s.) | marine corps - lieutenant general (u.s.) | marine corps - major general (u.s.) | marine corps (u.s.) | quaraí, rio grande do sul(brazil) | republics and monarchical symbols | sombrio, santa catarina (brazil) | taquarituba, são paulo state (brazil) |
reda town (poland) |
redcliff, alberta (canada) |
redcliffe city
city of redcliffe (queensland, australia) |
redcliffe state high school
educational institution flags (australia) |
redding, connecticut (u.s.) |
rede (komarom-esztergom county, hungary) |
municipality of redefin (germany) |
redenção, pará (brazil) |
rederi brevik
sirius companies (shipping company: sweden) |
redfield, south dakota (u.s.) |
redford township
redford township, michigan (u.s.) |
fogliano redipuglia (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) |
regimental colours of swiss regiment reding 1742-c.1749 (spain) |
redmond, washington (u.s.) |
redonda (antigua and barbuda) |
redondo municipality (portugal) |
redonne (la)
bouches-du-rhône (department, france): yacht clubs |
redslob (edwin)
proposals for a national flag 1919-1933: flags with a cross formy (germany) |
reduzum (the netherlands) |
redwater, alberta (canada) |
redwood meadows
redwood meadows, alberta (canada) |
rędziny rural district (poland) |
boutigny-sur-essonne (municipality, essonne, france) | ig (municipality, slovenia) | juncos (puerto rico) | kamyshin city (volgograd region, russia) | municipality of bad zwischenahn (germany) | nogent-sur-marne (municipality, val-de-marne, france) | volgograd city (volgograd region, russia) |
reederei nord
reederei nord klaus e. oldendorff (cyprus, shipping company) |
reederei transport ges
house flags of german shipping companies (r) - part 1 |

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