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The states and Mexico City (Mexico)

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The states and Mexico City

Note by the editor: The names of the pages for the states and Mexico City are composed as mx-xx.html, in which xx is a personal two-letter code based on the National Population Registry, ISO 3166 for Mexico and ISO 3166-2:MX from Wikipedia. Images of states and Mexico city are named mx-xx.gif, municipality pages and images are named mx-xx-yy in which yy are, when possible, the first two letters of the municipality's name.

State Code used in FOTW Order, decree, rule or law Promulgated Published In force
Aguascalientes ag        
Baja California bc        
Baja California Sur bs Decree 2513
Ley de Símbolos y Protocolos Oficiales del Estado de Baja California Sur
14 December 2017 31 December 2017 1 January 2018
Campeche cm Decree number 180
Ley reglamentaria del artículo 5.o de la Constitución Política del Estado de Campeche (1)
28 October 2008 12 November 20008 13 November 2008
Chiapas cs        
Chihuahua ch Decree number 533/2014
mediante el cual se adiciona un artículo 9o bis a la Ley del Himno del Estado de Chihuahua
4 September 2014 1 November 2014 4 September 2014
Coahuila de Zaragoza co Decree number 383
Ley sobre el Escudo del Estado de Coahuila y el Himno Coahuilense (1)
8 April 2005 20 May 2005 20 May 2005
Colima cl Decree 459
Por el que se adiciona un resolutivo octavo al Decreto 122 por el que se adopta como Escudo Oficial del Estado Libre y Soberano de Colima, publicado en el periódico oficial "El Estado de Colima" el 13 de agosto de 2016. (1)
22 February 2018 23 February 2018 24 February 2018
Durango dg Decree 130
Ley sobre el Escudo, Bandera e Himno del Estado de Durango
Unknown date 9 March 2014 10 March 2014
Guanajuato gt        
Guerrero gr Law number 761 on
Símbolos de identidad y pertenencia del Estado de Guerrero
31 July 2018 31 July 2018 30 August 2018
Hidalgo hg        
Jalisco jc Decree number 21821/LVII/07
Ley sobre el Escudo, Bandera e Himno del Estado de Jalisco
7 February 2007 22 February 2007 22 February 2008
Decree number 23121/LIX/10
Ley de los Símbolos Oficiales del Estado de Jalisco
23 July 2010 7 August 2010 8 August 2010
Mexico City (2) cx      
Michoacan de Ocampo mi        
Morelos mo        
Nayarit na        
Nuevo Leon; nl        
Oaxaca oa        
Puebla pu        
Queretaro qt Ley del Escudo, la Bandera y el Himno del Estdo de Queréro 2 September 2015 21 September 2015 22 September 2015
Quintana Roo qr Decree number 315 by which the
Ley sobre la Bandera del Estado de Quintana Roo
is issued.
13 August 2013 6 September 2013 6 September 2013
San Luis Potosi sl        
Sinaloa si        
Sonora so        
State of Mexico (3) em        
Tabasco tb        
Tamaulipas tm Decree LXI-177
Mediante el cual se reforman el nombre de los capítulos tercero y cuarto; los artículos 1, 2 párrafo primero, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10 párrafo primero, 11, 13, 14 párrafo único y las fracciones IV y V, 15, 16 párrafo primero, 17, 18, 23 Y 33; y la denominación de la Ley del Escudo de armas y del Himno de Tamaulipas (1)
14 December 2011 15 December 2011 16 December 2011
Tlaxcala tl Decree number 305
Por el que se impulsa, incentiva y fomenta la cultura patriótica en el Estado de Tlaxcala
29 December 2016 30 December 2016 1 January 2017
Veracruz de Ignacio de la Llave ve        
Yucatan yu        

1 Offcially stated as armorial flag.
2 Mexico City is the country'capital city. Until 26 January 2016 was known as Federal District [Distrito Federal].
3 The short-form name of the Free and Sovereing State of Mexico is State of Mexico [Estado de México].
Since 21 February 2016, the law is called Ley del Himno y el Escudo del Estado de Chihuahua according decree number 1241-2015 I published on 20 February 2016.

State flags

State flag
by Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán, 12 December 2019.

Mexico is divided into 31 states and 1 autonomous city (Mexico City) formerly known as Federal District (Distrito Federal). Each state is divided into municipalities (municipios), which summ up 2 458 (2019). Mexico City is divided in 16 municipalities as well, locally named alcaldías. Though all of them have a coat of arms, badge or seal, just few have a distinctive flag. Nor Mexico City nor any of its 16 municipalities have officialy adopted distinctive flags. After most of the states, some municipalities fly a white background charged with the corresponding coat of arms in the center of the field. It is unknown the exact number of municipalities have adopted a distinctive flag.

In front of the facade of the former official residence of the President of the United Mexican States, popularly known as Los Pinos (The Pinetrees) there were flags each representing a state and the Federal District. Those flaga were white charged with the relevant coat of arms.

Most states had opted to use as a de facto flag consisting of a white cloth charged with the state arms. Such flags are used in public buildings, official acts, official inter-state meetings, sporting events, and so on.

Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán, 12 December 2019.

Souvernir flags

There's a significant Mexican population in this part of the U.S., and I occasionally see automobiles with bumper stickers consisting of the Mexican (national) flag and the name of a state ("Coahuila", "Chihuahua", etc.), presumably indicating the driver's loyalty or nostalgia for his home state. None of these stickers ever displays a flag other than the national flag.
Bruce Tindall, 22 Jan 1997

State unofficial tricolor flag
by Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán, May 06, 2001.

Another report refers that these very same state coats of arms are used in the central panel of a Mexican tricolor, mainly for tourist purposes (some reports refer it’s exogenous usage, especially in border line US locations).
António Martins, 22 Jun 1999

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