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Dictionary of Vexillology: Corrections and Updates

Last modified: 2013-06-01 by rob raeside
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This page documents changes in the original text as released by the editors of the Dictionary of Vexillology based upon comments received by them to the presentation. Updates are listed from the most current to the oldest.

Correction/Update Date Changes
Update No. 117 June 2012 Added: Carbuncle, Escarbuncle, Fer de moline, Half moon, Imperial broad pennant, king's broad pennant, Millrind, royal broad pennant; Updated: Absence pennant, Bent, Broad pennant, Cinquefoil, Coupeau, Coupeau of three (or five), Dentelé, Encroaching upon, Estoile, Finial, Flag officer's broad pennant, Great luminary pattern, Hoist strip, Imperial dragon flag, In chief, Legged, Ligature, Metals, Monogram, Natural, officer's broad pennant, Ployé, Respectant, Rising, Roundel argent, Roundel azure, Roundel gules, Roundel or, Semi, Staff ornament, Tongued, Villené, Worship pennant, Yacht officer's broad pennant.
Update No. 116 Added: Address group; Updated: Award streamer, Banner, Birlinn, Bloody flag, Call sign host, Cloven bullnose, Cloven descate, Commendation flag, Commercial flag, Company flag, Crew's meal pennant, Debased, Everted, Fan's flag, Full moon, Funeral achievement, God's eye, Gonfaloni scalinati, Hoist, Hoist of flags, International code of signals, Jack, Knight bachelor, Labarum, Municipal crown, Narrow pennant, Reversed, Semé of billets, Signal flag, Signal hoist, Subverted, Tail, Three-striped flag, Three-tongued, Threemound, Tongue, Transposed, Upright, Urban crown, Urinant, Vergette; Removed: Signal group
Update No. 115 Added: Diagonal triband, Unit colour, Unit flag; Updated: All-seeing Eye of God, Arms, Battle streamer, Border, Caduceus, Camp flag, Champagne, Cottice, Double cotticed, Emphasized, Enty, Envecked, Filet cross, Flag of truce, Fountain fill, Full achievement of arms, Furs, Inner border, Inset border, Invected, Military banner, Pallia, Parlay flag, Parti-coloured, Pierced mullet, Plantagenet crown, St. George's canton, Smaller arms, Spur rowel, Stickpin flag, Trimmed, Trinity Eye, Trippant, Removed: Unit colour/flag.
Update No. 114 Added: Battle efficiency pennant, Cabled cross, Corded cross, E pennant, Meatball, Roped cross, Trapezoidal pennant; Updated: Achievement of arms, Allusive arms, Armes parlantes, Award flag, Blue star banner, Border, Contourné, Corsair ensign, Couchant, Depth, Digitate, Entire, Establishment of arms, Greater arms, Holiday colours, Honourable ordinaries, House flag, Italian provincial crown, King's jack, Lesser arms, Mantling, Middle arms, Nationally cantoned flag, Panel, Parade flag, Presidential colour, Protest flag, Regardant, Regimental flag, Reichskriegsflagge, Scarf, Skull and cross-bones, Y-shape.
Update No. 113 Added: Installation flags; Updated: Addition of honour, Aquilifer, America war mothers flag, Bandera de guerra, Battle ensigns, Car flag, Command pennant, Coronation flags, Coward, Displayed, Dressing ship, Embraced, Fess, Flag Exchange, Flags and funnels, Foremast, Garvey colours, Kommandowimpel, Liberty cap, Livery banner, Maltese cross, Marryat, Name pennant, Ordinary, POW-MIA flag, Pratique flag, Rampant, Salient, Scythian cap, Souvenir flags, Sports flag, Statant, Tatzenkreuz, Tanzenspitzkreuz, Unrep flag, Volant, Wigwag, Yacht officers flags, Yacht officer's pennant
Update No. 112 Added: Flamed Gyronny, Gear-wheel, Segmented, Star gyronny, The jack, The union; Updated: Annulet, Award streamer, Badge, Badge pennon, Banneret, Betsy Ross flag, Bow flag, Braced, Cog, Cog-wheel, Entrelacé, Faceted, Flammes, Geronny, Gyron, Hoisted flag, Husband pennant, Ingrailed, Inner canton, Jack the, Kent vane-fly, Knight banneret, Lance pennon, Mount of coupeau, Pennon, Pennoncel, Pennoncier, The ensign, Union jack, Union the.
Update No. 111 Added: At the leach, Segreant; Updated: At the peak, Bowed, Bracelet, Caboshed, Checkered flag, Citation flag, Collared, Combatant, Compony counter-compony, Distinguishing mark, Endorse, Endorsed, Fly-diagonal, Forcené, Gardant, Gironné, Gobony, Guardant, Hoist-diagonal, Leech, Pallet, Passant, Peak, Pirate flag, Preparative, Queue fourché, Quinterfoil, Repeater, Signal flag, Starboard pennant, Substitute, Suit of flags, Telegraph flag, War ensign, 'X' cross, Appendix V.
Update No. 110 Added: Nainaint, Proto-vexilloid; Updated: Asymmetric left, Asymmetric right, Auriflamma, Balzaus, Barge flag, Boat-tailed, Budgee jack, Call sign, Call sign host, Church pennant, Colours of defiance, Cruss-fusilly, Distinction jack, Distinguishing plate, Draping, Flame de fourragère, Flamme de guerre, Four freedoms flag, Gutté, Haurient, Honour banner, Honour ensign, Lance pennon, Mail flag, Make her number, Mourning ribbon, Naiant, Natant, Orbicular cross, Party flag, Pendant of distinction, Portugese Templar Cross, Red duster, Seal of Solomon, Shell, Supra-national flag, Symmetrical outwardly/ inwardly stepped, Union pendant, Venn.
Update No. 109 Added: Filet cross, Fillet, Merchant pendant, Merchant ship pendant, Sector, Shark's teeth, Wheel cross; Updated: Ashoka Chakra, Asklepian, Badge Banner, Badge Pennon, Bar, Barrulet, Chief, Decorated, Faceted, Filet, Flag pin, Flammulets, Forked ensign, Fusilly, Gyronny, Homeward bound pennant, Iberian cross, Lapel flag, Masthead pennant, Paying off pennant, Pendant, Registration flags, Rod of Asclepius, Sectored, Streamer, Sun cross, Triple armed, Triple-mount, Wolfteeth.
Update No. 108 Added: Rod of Hermes, Staff of Hermes, Trinacria, Wand of Hermes; Updated: Active, Affrontant, Argent, Automobile flag, Automobile plate, Azure, Brunatre, Caduceus, Cantonal triangle, Cloverleaf, Colour, Diamond, Diverging stripes, Empale, Enarched, Enflamed, Falling diagonal, Gules, Inactive, Indented, Larmes, Leading edge, Or, Purpure, Rising diagonal, Rotated square, Sable, Saw-toothed, Shield-shaped, Star plate, Tenné, Trailing edge, Tripartite, Triskelion, Vert, Voided lozenge.
Update No. 106 May 2012 Added: Matricular flags; Updated: Antler, Antlered, Banner, Battle Honour, Bendwise, Caterfoil, Chakra, Command flag, Commissioning pennant, Commodore's broad pennant, Crenelled, Fesswise, FNFL jack, Franklin flag, Honour jack, In bend, In bend sinister, Kernelled, Palewise, Phrygian cap, Red cross (crescent, diamond) flag, Registration flags, Reversed pall, Reversed pile, Royal tressure, Rudder stripes, St. Andrew's ensign, Saltirewise, Squadron command pennant, Template flag, Union standard, Upright centred cross, Upright pall, Upright pile, Upright triangle.
Update No. 105 Added: Military colours, Outer edges, Police flag, Presidential sash, 'X' cross; Updated: Ashoka Chakra, Bauceant, Cambridge flag, Cipher, Cypher, Flotilla command pennant, Fly-triangle, Fork-tail, Framed flag, Government flag, Group command pennant, Heraldic beasts, His Majesty's jack, Indoor jack, Inverted pall, Inverted pile, James Union, Nordic cross, Outer edge, Rounded cross, Royal Cypher, St. George-type cross, Scallop shell, Scalloped, Seal, Sean on a bedsheet, Sector flags, Serapis, Shield, Simple pall, Simple pile, Substitute. Removed: Horizontal chevron.
Update No. 104 Added: Clad, Clothed, Defaced, Fly-chevron, Habited, Hoist-chevron, Simple chevron, Vested; Updated: Adorned, Achivexillum, Battled, Blue ensign, Chevron, Deface, Double-Prince, Driekleur, Ecclesiastic flag, Electoral cap, Grand union, Great union, Gubernatioral flag, Inverted chevron, Lance flag, Leisure ensign, Marryat, Merchant ensign, Multi-tailed, Narrow pennant, Pale, Per chevron, Presidential standard, Queen's colour, Reversed chevron, Triangle, Triple-Prince, Undefaced, Warrant,
Update No. 103 Added: Meteor flag; Updated: Aquila, Eagle, East-south diagonal, East-west diagonal, Ensign, Fesslet, Flag law, Flags, Fleury, Horsetail standard, Issuant, Jerusalem Cross, Nebuly, Nimbus, North-south diagonal, Off-centred cross, Onomast, Pennant of command, Raguly, Red Ensign, Round-bottomed shield, Royal standard, Seal flag, South-north diagonal, Tiercé, Triangular-ended tails, War pennant, West-east diagonal,
Update No. 102 April 2012 Added: Double appliqué, Great luminary pattern, Great star flags, Pendant coupee, Radial orientation, Rotational position, Single appliqué; Updated: Appliqué, Arms, Arrondissement flags/pennants, Banderole, Beach flag, Betsy Ross flag, Bracelet, Chaplet, Code pennant, Continental colors, Cancelin, Crown of rue, Franklin flag, Geneva Convention flag, Gradiated stripes, Gridiron flag, Heraldic standard, Launching flags, Old Glory, Quincunx, Registration flags, Shark alert flag, Star, Star-spangled banner, Stars and stripes, Surfing flag, Swallow-tailed, Wind danger flag.
Update No. 101 Added: Fastness, Hoist strip, Irish saltire, Lightfastness, Needlework, Rattlesnake, Scottish saltire, Service ensign, Unofficial flag, Washfastness, Weft; Updated: Civil Ensign, De facto, De jure, Ensign, Fesslet, Folk flag, Heading, House flag, Institutional flags, Naval ensign, Official flag, Postal flag, Repeating frigates, Reserve ensign, St. Andrew's cross, St. George's cross, St. Patrick's cross, Saltire, Service flag, Shipping house flag, Union Jack, Yacht ensign.
Update No. 100 Added: Barrulet wavy, Cap of Liberty, Flagpole pennant, Horizontal Latin cross, Liberty cap, Lone star flag, Phrygian cap, Scythian cap, The ensign, Vlaggenstok Wimpel; Updated: Banner of council, Bar, Barry, Barrulet, Bathing flag, Beaked, Civic banner, Cornsheaf, Flag of distress, Furs, Government ensign, Government flag, Holy lamb, Lamb of God, Larmes, Lozenge-voided, Numeral flag, Off-centred cross, Pascal lamb, Provincial wimpel, Reconstruction, Scandinavian cross, State ensign, Undy, Voided lozenge, Wimpel.
Update No. 99 Added: All-seeing eye of God, Chapé, Eye of God, God's eye, Jehovah-sun, Per chevron embowed, Per pile, Pile embowed, Pile reversed, Pile wavy, Royal Cipher, Trinity eye; Updated: Accolé, Accorné, Ambassadorial flag, Armorial bearings, Ceremonial flag, Cipher, Customs flag, Dhvaja, Double armed cross, Double swallowtail, Ensign, The Ensign, Festive banner, Flag canton, Fringe, Merchant flag, Monogram, Per chevron, Personal flag, Pile.
Update No. 98 March 2012 Added: Admiralty warrant, Executive order, Order in council, Presidential decree, Royal order in council, Royal warrant, Warrant, Y shape; Updated: Absence pennant, Anchor flag, Answering pennant, Archivexillum, Ardent, Armorial banner, Badge, Banner of arms, Blue ensign, Cap badge, Dimidiated, Ensign, Flag of St. George, Flag of the state of, Flag law, Flamed, Hafted, Heraldic banner, Heraldic lily, Hinomaru, Impale, Inverted triangle, Pall, Pilot flag, Red ensign, Triangle, Wheatsheaf.
Update No. 97 Added: Cantonal arms, Civic arms, City arms, Corsair, County arms, County flag, Municipal arms, Provincial arms, Seal on a bedsheet, Territorial arms, Wing marking; Updated: Aircraft marking, Arms, Civic flag, City flag, Diagonal cross, Entire, Enty, Fin flash, Flag arms, Fouled anchor, Fuselage marking, Letter of Marque, Logo on a bedsheet, Lord High Admiral's flag, Municipal flag, National arms, Privateer, Provincial flag, Roundel, State arms, State flag, State military crest, Sub-national flag.
Update No. 96 Added: Advent cross, Arched, Bent, Bowed, Cross potent rebated, Cross quarter-pierced, Enarched, Ployé, Quarter moon, Waning or waxing moon; Updated: Cased, Colour, Crescent, Decrescent, Dhvaja, Double pavon, Embowed, Equipollé, Eradicated, Flamed, Furl, Gonfalon, Gonfanon, Increscent, Moon, Pavon, Post flag, Prayer flag, Repeating frigates, Swastika, Triangular-tongued, Uncase, Unfurl, Whiptail.
Update No. 95 Added: Accorné, Ancient ship, Birlinn, Cog-wheel, Cog, Flammes, Galley, Galley ensign, Gyronny wavy, Lymphad, Monochrome, Nef, Unicoloured; Updated: Adorned, Air force flag, Army flag, Attired, Battle color, Crenellated, Ensign,Flag of the marine corps, Flammulets, Flammully, Garnished, Gyronny, Hatching, Navy flag, Panicles, Pendant, Plain.
Update No. 94 Added: Distinction pennant, Flag officer's broad pennant, Italian provincial crown, Municipal crown, Officer's broad pennant, Officer's pennants, Provincial crown, Yacht officer's broad pennant, Yacht officer's pennant; Updated: Aircraft insignia, Aircraft marking(s), Auxiliary ensign, Broad pennant, Burgee, Centred, Ceremonial ensign, Company colours, Coronet, Cross throughout, Fin flash, Halo, International code of signals, Lower fly, Lower hoist, Mon, Mural crown, Officer's flags, Pendant of distinction, Preparative, Signal flag, Simple triangle, Stand of colours, Storm warning flag, Trailing edge, Upper fly, Upper hoist, Venn.
Update No. 93 February 2012 Added: Cross equipollé, Horizontal triband, Horizontal tricolour, Pumpout alert pennant, Quarter the arms, Repeater, Solar disk, Substitute, Uma-Jirushi, Vertical triband, Vertical tricolour; Updated: Absence pennant, Banner of victory, Beach flag, Checky, Code pennant, Daimyo flags, Equipollé, Eradicated, Giton, Head, Horizontal multi-stripe, Impale, Inescutcheon, International code of signals, Numeral pennant, Point-in-point, Preparative, Pumpout flag, Quarter, Quartered, Quartering, Quarterly, Signal flag, Triangle throughout, Vertical multi-stripe.
Update No. 92 Added: Angled pole, Closed sleeve, Dexter hoist, Dutch colours, Garvey colours, Loops, Open sleeve, Rastafarian colours, Sun cross, Yin-yang; Updated: Battle flag, Broad command pennant, Broad pennant, Burgee command pennant, Celtic cross, Disc, Driekleur, Flag family, Gouttes, Heading, Hinomaru, Jolly Roger, Man o'war pendant, Mural crown, Obverse, Outrigger pole, Pan-African colours, Pan-Slavic colours, Princeflag, Ring, Signal flag, Sinister hoist, Sleeve, Ties.
Update No. 91 Added: Artent, At the dip, Beams, Beamed, Gothic shield, Late Gothic shield, Man o' war pendant, Mortared, Pointed, Point-in-point, Rays, Rectangular shield, Round-bottomed shield, St. George's canton, Semi-circular shield. Updated: Active, Active and inactive, Canton flag, Canton of St. George, Estoile, Expanding stripes, Fly-diagonal, Hoist diagonal, Inactive, Inflamed, Mullet, Radiating, St. George's cross, St. George's ensign, Shield, Spanish-style shield, Square lozenge, Star, Sun emblem, Union, Union mark
Update No. 90 Added: Calatrava cross, Cross of Avis, Husband pennant, Military flags, Portuguese Templar cross, Provincial wimpel, Ribbon, Royal flags, Solar sign, Stella, Sun, Sun emblem, Trimmed. Updated: Avis cross, Crescent, Cross of Calatrava, Disc, Eradicated, Flag of defiance, Full moon, Hinomaru, Mullet, Pendant, Pennant, Red flag, Ribbon scroll, Rowel, Scroll, Star, Streamer, Sun-in-splendour, Sunburst, Wimpel. Removed: At the peak.
Update No. 89 January 2012 Added: Bend sinister, Bendy sinister, Consecration cross, Cross of the Portuguese Knights Templar, Grand-ducal bonnet, Orbicular cross, Rounded cross Updated: Ascending diagonal, Bar, Barry, Bend, Bendy, Canadian pale, Chevronel, Coronet, Cross fleury, Cross pattée, Descending diagonal, Fess, In bend, In bend sinister, In fess, In pale, Multi-stripe, Pale, Paly, Per bend, Per bend sinister, Per fess, Per pale, Stripe, Triangular panel, Triband, Tribar
Update No. 88 Added: Billetty, Crenellated, Cross of St. Anthony, Ermine, Pierced Millet, Potent, St. Anthony's cross, Semé of billets, Vair. Updated: Annulet, Armed, Armoured, Billet, British flag, Collar, Diagonal multi-stripe, Driekleur, Embowed, Entire, Estoile, Harnysed, Mullet, Pavilion, Priapic in its virility, Ring, Rowel, Semé, Spur rowel, Star, Sun-in-splendour, La Tricolore, Le Tricolore, Vambraced.
Update No. 87 Added: Halo, Hurt, Lapped, Latin cross throughout Leaved, Nimbed, Nimbus, Roundel argent, Roundel azure, Roundel gules, Rounded or, Seeded, Throughout, Toothed, Torteau, Villene, Viriled. Updated: Agnus Dei, Barbed, Bezant, Disc, Fructed, Off-centred cross, Overall, Plates, Pointed, Roundel, Slipped, Surmounted by, Telegraph flag, Triangle throughout, Triangular panel, Union flag, Volant.
Update No. 86 Added: Admiralty flag, Air recognition device, Anchor flag, Answering pennant, Asymmetric right stepped, Asymmetric left stepped, Cantonal triangle, Code pennant, Diagonal tricolour, At the dip, Lord High Admiral's flag, Marching flag or pennant, Symmetrical outwardly, Triangular panel. Updated: Blue Peter, Call sign host, Close up, Diagonal bicolour, Dipping, Fouled anchor, Half mast a flag, International code of signal flags, Main (or mainmast), Make her number, Numeral pennant, Parade flag, Pendant number, Per saltire, Racing flag, Trapezoid.
Update No. 85 Added: Blessing of a Flag, Digitate, Encroaching upon, Flag locker, Inner canton, Pendant number, Preparative, Rectangular-tailed, Sheriff's banner, Tanzenspitzkreuz, Tapered swallowtail, Telegraph flag, Triangular swallow-tail, Triple-swallow-tail.  Updated: Broad pennant, Bunting tosser, Canton, Consecration, Covering, Double-pointed, Fane, Festive banner, Flag lieutenant, Halyard, Overall, Rectangle, Signal flag, Square-tongued, Swallow-tailed, Swallowtail and tongue, Triple-tailed, Vane, Yeoman of Signals.
Update No. 84 Added: Bordered, Clasp, Cords and tassels, Fourrangére, Lanyard. Updated: Armorial bearings, Banner, Bar, Blazon, Border, Camp colour, Centred cross, Cord, Colour, Cravat, Double tressure, Dress knot, Fanion, Flag-on-a-flag, Fleury, Inset, Inset border, Jack of honour, Lanyard pennant, Livery colours, Merchant jack, Orle, Parade flag, Reversed triangle, Shield, Square lozenge, Tassels, Tressure.
Update No. 83 Added: Counterchanged cross, Cross gyronny, Diamond (or diamond shape), Diverging stripes, Formée (Formé or Formy) cross, Gyronny cross, Open crown, Rhombus, Rotated Square, Square lozenge, Urban crown. Updated: Anti-heraldry, Coronet, Cross counterchanged, Cross gyronny, Cross Pattée, Expanding stripes, Faceted, Fusil, Garrison flag, Gyronny, Gyronny cross, Helm, Lozenge, Lozengy, Lozengy bendy, Pile, Post flag, Storm flag.
Update No. 82 Added: Cone(s), Expanding stripes, Noir, Touring flag, Wanderfahne.  Updated: Attires, Award flag, Balls of difference, Boat flag, Converging stripes(s), East-west diagonal, Enhanced, Ensigned, Gonfanon, Helmet, Honour banner, In abeyance, Insurance flag, Livery colours, Masthead pennant, Pavisade, Postures, Radiating, Reduced bend, Reduced bend sinister, Streamer, Stripes, Striped, Triangle, West-east diagonal.

Definitions of Terms used in the above table:

  1. Update - changes and corrections made by the editors of the Dictionary of Vexillology, divided into:
    1. Added (new) keywords;
    2. Updated definitions which may make minor changes to term nomenclature, additions or deletions of definitions for a keyword, corrections to typographical errors, additions or changes to references to related keywords;
    3. Deprecated keywords.
    4. Renamed keywords involve name changes only, no changes to text.
  2. Editorial change - changes by FOTW to the page structure such as splitting letters into multiple pages, or the changes in page HTML names (resequencing).